Maintaining a site on

A server for self-maintained Web pages

Statement of Responsibility is a server for self-maintained Web pages that are not part of the official Wells College web site. It is essential that the distinction between official and unofficial be clear. All pages on should have a statement of responsibility at the bottom stating who is responsible for the page and noting that the page does not implicitly or explicitly represent official positions and policies of Wells College. The statement should give the name and email address of a person, not just an organization or committee.


How to Get an Account for a Self-Maintained Site on


Faculty members wishing to use a site on for their courses and scholarships should send an email to



The committee member who volunteers to be Web coordinator for a committee should send an email to and should be sure to list themselves as Web coordinator in the statement of responsibility at the bottom of pages, not just the committee name.


Student Organizations:

Currently student organizations wishing to use a site on must carry-out the following steps:

  1. be a recognized campus organization
  2. choose a student Web Coordinator, who will carry-out the creation and maintenance of the site, and a Staff or Faculty Advisor, who will provide continuity for the site when students graduate or leave
  3. talk to the Student Activities area about the desire to have a self-maintained site on, and let them know who will be the Web Coordinator and Staff or Faculty Advisor; they will then notify IT Support regarding approval for the student site.
  4. Arrange with IT Support to have the account set-up and to get an initial password.

Useful Documents and Information on College Events and Activities:

A staff member who wishes to publish documents useful to the Wells community on should send an email to to request an account and password. The statement of responsibility at the bottom of pages should give the name of the person or persons maintaining the site.


Current websites on



Thanks to Ken Larson for providing these written guidelines.

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Last updated: May 03, 2017