Powerful Babes

The Spoon Worm's Lament

In her book, Dr. Judson writes about

powerful babes, noting that females in

more than 80 species... have been caught

devouring their lovers before, during or

after mating. “I’m particularly fond... of the

green spoon worm.... The male is 200,000

times smaller, effectively a little parasite

who lives in her reproductive tract,

fertilizing her eggs and regurgitating

sperm through his mouth.”

-- New York Times, July 9, 2003

My love is like a giant cave

I slog through in the dark.

She doesn’t seem to know or crave

affection. Still, I mark

My passage through her vast demesne

with love notes that I spew.

My courtship’s neither fine nor clean,

but what else can I do?

Love Bite

   And then there’s the tiny female

midge, who plunges her proboscis

into the male midge’s head during

procreation.... “Her spittle turns

his innards to soup, which she slurps up,

drinking until she’s sucked him dry.”

Drink to me only with thine eyes,

at least till I am done.

They told me loving isn’t wise;

I find that that’s an un-

derstatement. Sweet, restrain your thirst

till I complete this act.

Lest I conclude all love is cursed,

refrain, dear, and retract!