Talk About Luck

“I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met

a man who had no feet. So I said, ‘Got any shoes

you’re not using?’”

-- Steven Wright

He hands them over.

They’re pretty scuzzy,

but they’ll do, you know,

in a pinch.

So then I wonder.

“How’d you get here anyway?”

He’s sprawled in the dirt

under this scabby tree.

He smiles a huge smile.

The guy’s practically toothless too.

I mean, talk about luck.

So then he pulls out these crutches

he’s got tucked away under him.

Handmade; good wood.

A neat job.

Whoa! I’m thinkin’.

I know what they’ll go for.

My throat’s startin’ to feel

awful parched.

So I says, real-nice-like,

I says to him:

“What’s a guy like you

wanna leave a spot like this for?

Where would you go,


Why don’cha give me

them too?”