CS 325 - Database Systems

Spring 2012
Wells College
Professor Moore

Room: Macmillan 126

Time: MWF 10:30-11:20

Homework sets C through G
Test 1 -- Take home portion. Due 3/12
Test 1
Homework sets H through I
Homework set J
Test 2

Project ideas:

Test dates:

Project php sample - main -- Remove ".txt" when in use.
Project php sample - database functions -- Remove ".txt" when in use.
Census database -- SQL version of the census database (with data). Note: Search and replace "gmoore" with your own username. Enter into the SQL window and execute.

phppgadmin on eclipse.wells.edu
postgreSQL datatypes

Ubuntu LAMP+phpmyadmin -- Instructions for setting up LAMP+phpmyadmin on Ubuntu.
MAMP.info -- Mac version of Apache, mySQL, PHP, phpmyadmin among others.
easyPHP.org -- WAMP environment for PHP developers in Windows including PHP, Apache, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, and others.

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