Jackie Schnurr

Professor of Biology and Environmental Science

Wells College, Aurora, NY 13026

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Spring 2016 Courses

Biol 130L: Biology of Organisms
Envr 131L: Physical Geology

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BCS Internship Guidelines
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Research Thesis Guidelines Spring 2011
Research Thesis RUBRIC Spring 2011
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Past courses

Biol 119L: Ecology and Evolution
Biol 363: Advanced Ecology: Forest Ecology
Biol 305: Plant Diversity and Evolution
Biol 285: Topics in Plants and Civilizations
Biol 385: Plant Physiology
BCS 402: Advanced Research
BCS Internship Guidelines
BCS 398: Independent Research
SC101: Natural History of Wells College
BCS 301: Introduction to Scientific Literature

Data from the plots on campus and in Moravia
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