CS 330: Internet Architecture and Programming

Wells College, Fall 1999

Taught by:

Professor Kenneth Larson
Cleveland 210, 364-3305
Macmillan 109, 364-3305
Professor Carol Shilepsky
Macmillan 104, 364-3214

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General Information

CS 330 explores the architectures and programming languages that support communicating and computing over a network. It assumes familiarity with the Internet and an understanding of the basic principles of program design. Prerequisite: CS 132 or permission.

There will be a midterm on October 4, a project due on December 6 and a final exam on December 15. Homework and class participation, the midterm, the project, and the final each contribute 25% towards your grade.

Class Examples


Due on:

September 6

Project Guidelines

You are to use the project to explore some area related to the course, preferably one related to your interests. You will need to find the  resources necessary to understand the technical content, the relevance of your area and how it relates to the material in the rest of the course. Possible areas include HTTP, another programming/scripting language (Java, VBScript), servers (NCSA, NT), Active Server Pages, security, e-commerce, incorporating a database on the server side, or helping someone with a real application.



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Required Texts



Books and Articles



Books and articles



Perl and CGI


Books and articles




Other books and articles

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