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2013-     :   Professor of German Emeritus (Shared Position), Wells College.
1998-2013: Professor of German (Shared Position), Wells College.
1989-98: Associate Professor of German (Shared Position), Wells College.
1983-89: Assistant Professor of German (Shared Position), Wells College.
1978-83: Instructor in German (Shared Position), Wells College.
1977-78: Part-time Acting Instructor in German, Yale University.

1996-97 : Adjunct Faculty, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University.


1999-2012 : Manager: Computer and Network Operations, Wells College. Includes network infrastructure (servers, switches, routers) and networked information content management (email, Web, and other services).

1995-2011 : Webmaster, Wells College ( Includes content creation and maintenance and management of an NT server (backups, log rotation, log analysis, etc.).

1993-1999 : Internet and Email Coordinator, Wells College. Includes maintenance and management of NT and Unix servers running email (c. 500 accounts), DNS, FTP archives, Web services, and file services; NetBlazer communications server and modem pool; router and Internet connection; networking hardware and client application software.


1997-2003: Board of Trustees, South Central Regional Library Council, Ithaca, NY.
1995-2000 : Chair of the major field of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.
1995-2002 : Chair of numerous computer committees including those on drafting a vision statement for goals of information technology on campus ("Connections"), planning and designing the College Web site (co-chair), drafting a Web site policy document, and proposing recommendations to improve reliability and redundancy of computer services.

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