Business and Investments:  Links and Items of Interest



1.         Miscellaneous Economic Links


a.       Keynesian Economic Theory vs. Hayek and the Austrians

b.      Keynes vs. Hayek Round II

c.       How Financial Modeling Almost Destroyed the World Financial Structure in 1998

d.      How the Same Model Almost Destroyed the World Financial Structure in 2008

e.       A Brief Commentary on Personal Investment and Finance



2.         Miscellaneous Business Links


            a.  Sample Business Plans



3.         Economic Data Links


            a.  Bureau of Labor Statistics

            b.  Bureau of Economic Analysis

            c.  Federal Reserve

            d.  National Bureau of Economic Research

            e.  The Conference Board



4.         Investment Information


a.       Yahoo Finance

b.      Yahoo Finance Industry Center

c.       Motley Fool

d.      CNBC

e.       Bloomberg

f.       Reuters (International) Financial News

g.      CNN Economic News

h.      Wall Street Journal Markets Data Center

i. (technical analysis)

j.        Bond Information

k.      Minyanville Financial Commentary



5.         Market Regulators


            a.  United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

            b.  SEC Edgar (Corporate Filings) Database

            b.  Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)



6.         Other Items of Interest


a.       Inflation Adjusted Median and Mean Household Income by Race, 1967-2008

b.      Standard and Poors 500 Historic Monthly Rates of Return, 1998-2008

c.       Historic Standard and Poors 500 Price Earnings Multiples

d.      Standard and Poors Indices






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