CS 368, Discrete Mathematics II, Spring 2013


AssignmentsDue Dates will be determined as we go, marked on the assignment page.

Look here for links and resources.

Text:  Discrete Mathematics by Susanna S. Epp (second edition)   Applets etc. curated by Prof. Epp 

For 1.4, circuits:  http://math.hws.edu/TMCM/java/xLogicCircuits/index.html
This applet
, part of David Eck’s collection (see above), “lets you build simulated logic circuits from AND, OR, and NOT gates and see how they behave. This is not a serious circuit design tool. It's an educational tool for learning the basics about logic circuits.”
Propositional Logic Calculator
will rewrite any statement into Disjunctive Normal Form (among other forms)

For 11.6, spanning trees  Go to the Algorithms Tutoring Web page, find Kruskal and Prim

Calendar: We have 41 class days in the term.
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Week 1: Jan 21- 25
 Day1  Day2 Day3
Week 2: Jan 28-Feb 1  Day4    Day5   Day6
Week 3: Feb 4-8  Day7 Day8  Day9
Week 4: Feb 16 - 20
Day10 Day11 Day12
Week 5: Feb 18 - 22 Day13 Day14  Day15 (ex 1 out?)
Week 6: Feb 25-Mar 1 Day16  Day 17  Day18
Week 7: Mar 4-8 Day19 Day 20  Day 21
Week 8:  Mar 18 - 22 Day22  Day23 Day24 (activism)
Week 9:  Mar 25 - 29  Day25    Day26   Day27
Week10: April 1 -  5  Day28 Day29  Day30 (ex 2 out?)
Week 11: April 8 - 12  Day31 CSE Day Day32
Week 12: April 15 - 19 Day33 Day34  Day35
Week 13: April 22 - 26 Day36
Day 37 Day38
Week 14: April 29 - May 3 Day39 Day40  Day41
Thurs.  May 9, Final exam due (probably):
Thurs. 5 pm
 (exam sched.)

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