Math 151, Elementary Statistics, Fall 2012

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There are 42 class days, 14 full weeks, in the term.  Notes and Assignments  are linked to below.
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Week 0: Aug 24     Day1
Week 1: Aug 27-31  Day2   Day3  Day4
Week 2: Sept 3-7  Day5 Day6 Day7
Week 3: Sept 10-14 Day8 Day9 Day10 Exam1
Week 4: Sept 17-21
Day11 Day12 Day13
Week 5: Sept 24- 28
Day14 Day 15 Day16
Week 6: Oct 1-5 Day 17 Day18 Day19 Exam2
Week 7: Oct 10-12
 BREAK Day20  Day 21
Week 8:  Oct 15-19  Day22  Day23 Day24,  
Week 9: Oct 22-26
 Day25   Day26  Day27 Exam3
Week10: Oct 29-Nov w  Day28 Day29  Day30
Week 11: Nov 5-9  Day31 Day32 Day33
Week 12: Nov 12-16 Day34 Day35 Day36  Exam4
Week 13: Nov 19 Day37 BREAK BREAK
Week 14: Nov 26-30 Day 38 Day39 Day40
Week 15: Dec 3-5 Day41 Day42  
Final exam:
Dec 13:
Thurs., 9-12

Textbook:  David S. Moore, Basic Practice of Statistics, 5th edition (jigsaw pieces on cover). WHFreeman.
One copy is on closed reserve in Long Library & one in the Math Clinic, but you'll need your own.  New, it comes with a CD in the back which may be useful  if you don't have good internet connectivity (e.g. live off campus).  If you're buying used and the cd is stated to be there, get that if it's the same price.   (If you get one without cd, and need one, tell me; we'll make it happen.) 
Put your name in it!
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All HW assignments, by chapter. (There may be slight changes in problems or in order of assignment.)
(These are not the statements of problems from the text, just which problems.)  See each Day page for that day's assignment.    (Links will be activated as we get close to time to use them.)
Chapter 1
     Chapter 2    Chapter 3     Chapter 4   Chapter 5  Chapter 6 will be omitted.  Chapter 7 (review problems) will be listed and assigned as appropriate with earlier chapters.
Chapter 8    Chapter 9   Chapter 10   Chapter 11   Chapters 12 and 13 will be omitted.
Chapter 14  Chapter 15 Chapter 16 (review) will be listed and assigned as appropriate in between here. Chapter 17 plus (to the end)           

Addendum to Syllabus:
Students with Disabilities:

Wells College makes reasonable accommodations for qualified students with documented disabilities. If you have a learning disability, a chronic illness, physical or mental health disability that may have some impact on your work for this class and for which you may need accommodations, please notify the Office of Student Achievement, Coordinator  Megan Riedl,  to discuss accommodations that will help you succeed.  Your conversations with her are highly confidential, and she will not supply details of your disability to anyone without your signed permission.  Do understand that Ms. Riedl will need to notify your faculty about accommodations that you might need and are supported by your disability documentation.  If you think you might have a disability that will affect your success at Wells, pleas contact the office.
Contact information for the Office of Student Achievement and Ms. Riedl: Learning Commons in Long Library,  near the 822 call numbers of the stacks. Telephone x 3432, email, or make an appointment with Deb Witter-Gamba in the reception area..

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