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SPSS is a powerful computer package that does statistical analyses of data.  It has been developed over many years and is like a huge house that was built in stages, in many different architectural styles.  So there may be several ways to do almost the same thing, but it may come out slightly different in each way.  KEEP NOTES when you figure out how to do something you might want to do again.
SPSS is licensed to Wells only for college computers.  You probably don't need it, but if you want your own copy, see SPSS for your computer.

Where?   SPSS in Mac 101 (Windows 7), Main computing lab (Windows 7), Most PC's in the Long Library  Learning Commons (Windows 7), Mac 110 (Macintoshes) (I'll update as I get info. Email me with info.)

Printing:  Windows 7:  In SPSS,  choose Microsoft XPS Document Writer as your "printer", your output will become an "xps" file.  Save it and print thru Papercut.

Remember, your option is to copy (one at a time) the graphs from SPSS and paste into a Word document.  Then save the Word document and print that thru Papercut (which will print Word docs directly).

Macintoshes in Mac 110:  The SPSSStatistics 20 may be labeled as such, or may be SPSSStatistics.To print: This should work: copy and paste into Word, then print that thru Papercut.  I need to check out the printer drivers it offers you in SPSS.  The previously available ones don't actually get your stuff to the printer, and I don't know if there's an equivalent to Microsoft XPS.

IBM SPSS Statistics 20 (blue ball icon). 
  Mac 110 (Macintoshes )  SPSSStatistics.app.   Have to copy and paste into Word.  It doesn't actually print to the printers it offers you--you need to use Papercut.
    Mac 101 (Windows 7) All OK [?]
    Main (Windows 7)  All OK so far?
    Learning Commons (Windows 7, not on Macs)  SPSS v. 20 should now be on all PC's. ( If it's running like lava, reboot. It may help.  Will still run like mud, sometimes thick, sometimes thin.)

Data Files for Homework:  Math 151-Moore5e folder (Feel free to copy the folder(or any part) to your own USB drive/ computer.Where is it??

On Windows 7, (Mac 101 and Main, Learning Commons ), it's in
C:Users>Student>Documents>Class Material >Math 151-Moore5e.
(In Main, the Student folder is also shown on the Desktop, Class Material inside that....)
You can enter Class in the Search box and it'll get you there, unless the folder's been deleted.

From within SPSS,

   File>Open>Data may open in the Documents folder (Windows 7) where you can find Class Material etc.

   Macintosh (Mac 110), or can't find files on Windows machine:  Data Files handout..

The Math 151-Moore5e folder   PC-SPSS has the textbook problems.  PC-BPSbigdata has some text files for bigger datasets.  The files must be opened from within SPSS.  They are not in standard SPSSv.20 data type, so you have to change Files of Type: to All files to see them in the Open File menu.

The CD in your book (if you have one) also contains PC-SPSS and PC-BPSbigdata, but it's not so obvious.
    Insert the CD, wait till it opens.  Ignore it.
From within SPSS, File>Open> Data.  Pull down the arrow on the Look in box at the top.   Find and click on the drive with the BPS5e CD in it.  Open the Datasets folder. SPSS and PC-LargeData are folders in there, the same ones as PC-SPSS and PC-BPSbigdata  in the Class Material folder.
(If you want to find these files outside SPSS, say to copy them to your USB drive, do this for XP's:  Right click on the Windows Start button (bottom left of your screen).  Choose Explore (second from top, usually) from the menu you get.  In the left pane of the resulting Directory window,  find and click on the drive with the BPS5e CD in it.  Open the Datasets folder.  SPSS and PC-LargeData are folders in there, the same ones as in the Class Material folder.  For other operating systems, find the CD drive from My Computer or equivalent, go from there.)

Ugh!  Every time we change versions or computers we find  new problems!  If you have trouble, please email me with as much info as possible:  sievers@wells.edu

--Save your work frequently! (see above.) The Output file saves separately from the Data file (save that too if you modified it in any way.) The Output files tend to be quite large. Delete stuff that is wrong or useless, to save space and confusion.  Don't depend on stuff you leave on a computer staying there; get a flash drive.

SPSS Handouts: 
First SPSS; means and s.d.'s quickly
Math 151 SPSS v. 20 Introduction: 
  Page 1 , Data Editor (p.2),
Tables & Graphs:  Numerical summaries (p.3)Graphs (p.4) 
Comparing Subgroups (p.5) , Pre-piled data and Two-way tables (p.6)Importing Data (p.7) , Timeplot & Index (p.8)

Links will be activated as the semester proceeds: 
Optional:  Transforming old variables into new variables, and using SPSS "tables"

Handout on 
Scatterplots and  Governors' Salaries HW sheet  data file: govsal_vs_pay.sav

One-sample t, and matched pairs (Days 38-41, approx.)

Two-sample t.  (Days 40-41, approx, if done)

Data Files: 

Links here for files from SPSS in Class BPS5e, and ones used, not anywhere else: 
First big handout: Pp.2-5 Studat-in-SPSS.sav
    Same file as it should be after doing p. 2:Studat-Completer.sav.  P.7  Studat-as-text.dat 

 educ-v-mortality.sav,      govsal_vs_pay.sav,     Studat-in-SPSS.sav

Other Handouts:  (not all handouts are web-able.  Look in the white folder outside my door for paper.) 
   See Weblinks page for links.

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