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SPSS is a powerful computer package that does statistical analyses of data.  It has been developed over many years and is like a huge house that was built in stages, in many different architectural styles.  So there may be several ways to do almost the same thing, but it may come out slightly different in each way.  KEEP NOTES when you figure out how to do something you might want to do again.

I'll introduce SPSS and give you handouts.  SPSS also has good tutorials and help.

Where?   IS in Mac 101,  PC's in the Learning Commons, Cleveland (PC's), and Mac 110 (Macintoshes)
This should be sufficient for your needs, unless you have limited on-campus time or can only get to the labs when they're busiest.  

SPSS is licensed to Wells only for college computers. SPSS for your own computer, if you need or want.

Files for the textbook problems.  On the disk in your book, and  accessible from every computer on campus with SPSS, on Morganstore:
  (PC) If Morganstore shortcut is not on the Desktop, make it: Right click on Desktop, New>Shortcut.  Type \\morganstore.wells.edu in box, finish the shortcut wizard. Open it:  Users\ssievers\MATH251 Class Materials\Math251 IPS7e contains all the files for the course.  Simplest: Drag it (or the subfolder you want, especially if on a slower XP machine) to the Desktop, use files from there.  Details, drive mapping:  Morganstore handout
  (Macintosh, Mac 110)  Open finder, choose MATH251 Class Materials from Favorites sidebar.  Wait:  Morganstore will be connected and the contents of MATH251 Class Materials will be displayed.  Drag Math251 IPS7e  to the Desktop, use files from there.   Details for Macintosh: Morganstore handout

SPSS Handouts:  (links will be activated/posted as handouts are made available)
SPSS to find mean and s.d.  Handout  (first short handout)

 Math 251 SPSS v. 19 Introduction: Links active now:   Page 1 , Data Editor (p.2),
Tables & Graphs:  Numerical summaries (p.3)Graphs (p.4) 
Comparing Subgroups (p.5) , Pre-piled data and Two-way tables (p.6)Importing Data (p.7) , Transforming & "tables" (pp. 8&9)  Timeplot & Index (p.10)

Links will be activated as the semester proceeds: 
Normal quantile plots

Handout on 
Scatterplots and regression
    HW assignment with handout: Scatteplot HW

Sampling using SPSS

One-sample t, and matched pairs

Two-sample t. 

Data Files: 

Links here for some files from SPSS for Class, and ones used, not anywhere else: 
First big handout: Pp.2-5 Studat-in-SPSS.sav.
    Same file as it should be after doing p. 2:Studat-Completer.sav.  P.7  Studat-as-text.dat 

 educ-v-mortality.sav  ,  govsal_vs_pay.sav 

Other Handouts:  (not all handouts are web-able.  Look in the white folder outside my door for paper.) 
   See Weblinks page for links.

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