Math 251, Probability & Statistics I

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Required text:  Introduction to the Practice of Statistics w/Student CD, by Davis S. Moore,  G.P. McCabe, B.Craig
Seventh Edition ©2012  (Published 11/10)  WH Freeman, publisher
    ISBN-10: 1-4292-4032-6
   ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-4032-1
   WHFreeman  "Our retail price to students: $132.95  Wholesale price to bookstores: $112.00"
Paperback: (1-4292-7433-6)  Wholesale price  $104
(There is an "extended" version, with 2 more chapters bound in.  Would do, but not necessary.  website says only cloth.  1-4292-7434-4.  wholesale $115  Rep say paper exists, "#  9781429274333 for the regular version and for the extended version, the ISBN# is 9781429274340."  This appears to be contradictory or confused. or maybe it just means extended is cloth only.)
   CourseSmart  $69.95, dies after 180 days, online or download
    or  (not the "same" ebook)
    WHFreeman   71.95, dies after a year

New, it comes with a CD in the back which may be useful  if you don't have good internet connectivity (e.g. live off campus).  If you're buying used and the cd is stated to be there, get that if it's the same price.   (If you get one without cd, and need one, tell the prof; there may be one to copy)

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