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Spring, 2013:

Computer Science 368, Discrete Mathematics II
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Mathematics 151, Elementary Statistics  
Interested in taking stats spring term? Class is full!  Email or talk to me now!  Read about Waitlist here.

Required text:   The Basic Practice of Statistics , by David S. Moore. 
w/Student CD. Fifth Edition ©2009.  WH Freeman, publisher
   (It has Jigsaw puzzle pieces on white background on the cover--caution--NOT M&M's.  There is a 6th edition out now--be careful, don't get that.)
This book is officially now out of print, I believe; officially displaced by the 6th edition.  There is a very big market of used ones, from very cheap, with no disadvantage to you.   I'll supply you with text of HW problems for the first week, and a copy of the book is on reserve, and another in the Math Clinic. 

Hardback (with CD):
   ISBN-10: 1-4292-2426-6      ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-2426-0   New was:  "Our retail price to students: $141.95"
Paperback (with CD):
   ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-2425-3. New was:  "Our Retail Price to students: $129.95"

If buying used, don't worry about the CD; I won't be requiring you to have one. WHFreeman shows different ISBN numbers for the (possibly) CD-less versions, and they might show up on the used market: 
ISBN-10: 1-4292-0121-5   ISBN-13:978-1-4292-0121-6
   Paperback:  ISBN-10: 1-4292-2424-X  ISBN-13:978-1-4292-2424-6

Ebook--I don't know if these will still be available: 
From Publisher  WH Freeman, publisher $58.99 or 68.99, dies after 365 days.  Totally online, but you can make notes,highlighting,  etc. & they are stored till the package dies.  You can print only one (web)page at a time.  Check out the FAQ at  WHFreeman  Scroll down to find the book (alphabetically, Moore, Basic Practice of Statistics 5e) & click to buy (the cheaper) or register .
        or  (not the same ebook)   
 CourseSmart  $68.99, dies after 360 days, online, or download chapters (sort of) ("Reading offline is only supported on Firefox versions 3.6+, Safari 5.1+ and Chrome browsers at this time")  Print up to 10 pages at a time (from online).  Looks "just like" the textbook; has some notes/highlighting capabilities.
  or others may  still have it.  Buying used may be cheaper.

Past semesters.  Fall, 2012:  Mathematics 151, Elementary Statistics   

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