Vic Muñoz, Ed.D.
Professor of Psychology & Gender Studies
Patti McGill Peterson Professor of Social Sciences
(2003 - 2008)

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Courses 2010 - 2011

Spring 2011
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Psy 318 Adolescent Development
Psy 385 Transforming Racism and Heterosexism
WS 310 Feminist Methodologies: Intersectionalities

Fall 2010
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Psy 214 Psychology of Women
Psy 330 Indigenous Psychologies
WS 285 Issues in LBGTQ Studies

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Courses Spring 2010

Psy 318 Adolescent Development
Psy 385 Transforming Racism and Heterosexism
WS 310 Feminist Methodologies: Intersectionalities
Courses Fall 2009
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Psy 214 Psychology of Women

Psy 330 Indigenous Psychologies
Psy 360L Qualitative Research Methods

Spring 2009
Psy 250 Human Sexuality
Psy 318 Adolescent Development
WS 385 Transgenderism

Fall 2008


Spring 2007 Courses
Fall 2006 Courses
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Off Campus Study: AOCS 020. Documentary Field Studies

In all the psychology courses that I teach at Wells College I follow the guidelines listed below. I believe these guidelines facilitate dialogue among a diverse group of learners, foster the development of cultural competence among future psychologists, help us to become aware of our own biases, and support our understanding of psychology within cultural contexts.

Culturally Competent Psychology Education
from APA's Multicultural Guidelines

Guideline #1: Psychologists are encouraged to recognize that, as cultural beings, they may hold attitudes and beliefs that can detrimentally influence their perceptions of and interactions with individuals who are ethnically and racially different from themselves.

Guideline #2: Psychologists are encouraged to recognize the importance of multicultural sensitivity/responsiveness, knowledge, and understanding about ethnically and racially different individuals.

Guideline #3: As educators, psychologists are encouraged to employ the constructs of multiculturalism and diversity in psychological education.

Guideline #4: Culturally sensitive psychological researchers are encouraged to recognize the importance of conducting culture centered and ethical psychological research among persons from ethnic, linguistic, and racial minority backgrounds.

Guideline #5: Psychologists strive to apply culturally appropriate skills in clinical and other applied psychological practices.

Guideline #6: Psychologists are encouraged to use organizational change processes to support culturally informed organizational (policy) development and practices.

Competency Statements from Fouad & Arredondo (2007; p. 65) Becoming culturally oriented: Practical advice for psychologists and educators. Washington, DC: APA.

Psychologists who use the constructs of "multiculturalism" and "diversity" in psychological education will be able to demonstrate

-- knowledge about different learning models and approaches to teaching from multiple cultural perspectives

-- knowledge of how to incorporate statements of philosophy and principles in course syllabi

-- knowledge of how to design a culture-centered curriculum that is thematic to an educational program

-- knowledge of how to anticipate a range of emotional reactions in students and be prepared to understand and facilitate respectful discussion and disagreement, and

-- knowledge of the research findings about the effects of multicultural counseling and psychology coursework

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  • Audre Lorde: "It was a while before we came to realize that our place was the very house of difference rather than the security of any particular difference. Gloria Anzaldúa: "We are the queer groups, the people that don't belong anywhere, not in the dominant world nor completely within our own respective cultures. Combined we cover so many oppressions. But the overwhelming oppression is the collective fact that we do not fit, and because we do not fit we are a threat." Paula Gunn Allen: "we never go away even if we're always leaving because the only home is each other they've occupied the rest colonized it; an idea about ourselves is all we own" Azar Nafisi: "If we manage to teach our students to be curious -- not to take up our political positions, but just to be curious -- we will have managed to do a great deal." Antonio Machado: "Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar; al andar se hace camino y, al volver la vista atrás, se ve la senda que nunca se ha de volver a pisar." Martin Luther King, Jr. : "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. " Audre Lorde: "The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house." Juan Antonio Corretjer: "Yo sería borincano aunque naciera en la luna"

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