Professor Scott Heinekamp
website: aurora.wells.edu/~scotth
email: scotth@wells.edu.

Professor Bryant Adams
website: eclipse.wells.edu/badams
mail: badams@wells.edu.

Professor Sally Sievers
website: aurora.wells.edu/~sievers
email: sievers@wells.edu.
Professor Thomas Stiadle
email: tstiadle@wells.edu.

We are committed to providing the best possible education in the mathematical and physical sciences. In particular, we will strive to
  1. be responsive to varying levels of prior student preparation in the mathematical and physical sciences and flexible in accommodating that variation;
  2. provide skillful academic advising, including advising for course selection, careers and graduate school, and other programs at Wells;
  3. review course offerings and their prerequisite structures regularly so that upper-level students learn most effectively about the most important material;
  4. remain active in our disciplines, sharing the excitement of new learning with their classes and colleagues; and
  5. foster a departmental atmosphere that is welcoming and supportive for students of all genders and ethnicity and that is proactive in its efforts to increase the presence of underrepresented groups in the mathematical and physical sciences
Jennifer Ellsworth, MPS-Physics 2001, is featured in a three part audio diary of an MIT grad student on a women is science website and a PBS website ( www.womeninscience.org/power_part2md.htm#1je, www.prx.org/pieces/15134).

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