Wells College Science Colloquium
Fall 2012

Science Colloquium features speakers in all areas of the sciences, including Wells students and faculty, and researchers from other institutions. Science Colloquium meets on Fridays during the fall and spring semesters from 12:40 to 1:30 in Stratton Hall 209. All are welcome to attend. For further information, please contact Professor Christina Wahl


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Friday, August 24

Christina Wahl, M.S., Ph.D.  Wells College Why We Need Bug Doctors

No Talk: Please note that the Summer Internship Poster Session will take place on Tuesday February 7 as part of the Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement Days, in Stratton Atrium, 12:30-1:30

Friday, August 31

Summer Intern Poster Session

Robert Ellis and Christina Wahl Why Pre-Health and Engineering Students Should Consider Business Training

Friday, September 7

               Health Careers Advising Committee

Health Professions Information, including “Why You Should Take Business Classes at Wells”

Katie Prichard


Friday, September 14

Dan Bogan The suburban coyote syndrome Host: Jackie Schnurr

Friday, September 21


Celebrating Scholarship & Engagement Day: Activism Symposium

Friday, September 28

Dr. Linda Mizer, DVM, PhD  Instructor in Anatomy, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine

Host:  Christina Wahl

Impending Spring Break -- no talk

Friday, October 5

No Colloquium:  Pending Fall Break

Brandon Johnston

Hannah Sterling

Friday, October 12


Loius DiSalvo

Arielia Taft

Friday, October 19

Martin Forstner, Ph.D. Syracuse University  Host:  Lauren O’Neil

Caitlin Bradley

Hayley Otterness

Friday, October 26

Emera Bridger Wilson ’01 (Ph.D. candidate) Competing Developments: Watershed Management in Eastern Rajasthan, India.  Host:  Niamh O’Leary

Raja Gounder

Lexi Kreuzburg

Friday, November 2

Brian Hough  Host:  Jackie Schnurr

Lucia Muñoz

Alyson Mann

Friday, November 9

Daniel Clune, Ph.D. Soil Sciences, Cornell University 

Host: Bryant Adams

Emily Hewson

Jamie LaFountain

Friday, November 16

Dr. Ellis Loew, Ph.D.  Director of Undergraduate Studies in Animal Physiology, Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine  Host:  Christina Wahl

Mickey Williams

Danielle Crabtree

Friday, November 23

Thanksgiving Recess

Gillian Mowers

Emily Yang

Friday, November 30

Dr. Lyle Britt, NOAA Scientist, Seattle, Washington.  Host:  Christina Wahl

Alanna Verderber

Juli Vibbard

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