Wells College Science Colloquium
Spring 2009

Science Colloquium meets on Fridays during the fall and spring semesters from 12:40 to 1:30 in Stratton Hall 209. All are welcome to attend.
For further information, please contact Professor Jackie Schnurr or Professor Carol Shilepsky

Friday, January 30 Internship Poster Session in Stratton Atrium, 12:30-1:30pm (sponsor: Professor Schnurr).
Friday, February 6 Jennifer L. Klauschie, MD (Wells '99) The Use of Robotics in Surgery: An Evidence Based Review (host: Professor A. Shilepsky).
Friday, February 13 Professor Thomas Vawter The Origin at 150: a Retrospective.
Friday, February 20 Dr. Kelly Kadera '87, Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science University of Iowa A Game Theoretic Model for 3rd Party Mediation in International Conflicts. Joint seminar with Public Policy (hosts: Professors A. and C. Shilepsky and Lumumba-Kasongo).
Friday, February 27 Nathan Roberts, Cornell University Missouri's River Otter Experience (host: Professor Schnurr)  
Friday, March 6 Lee Sheldon, Department of Telecommunications, Indiana University, Character Development and Storytelling for Games (host: Professor C. Shilepsky).
Friday, March 13, 20 Spring Break, no colloquium.
Friday, March 27 Activism Symposium
Friday, April 3 Stephanie Redmond Mapping of Vibrissa in the Trigeminal Ganglion of the Mouse.
Cathy Walker Effect of monomer Substitution on Polymerization and Polymer Conductivity of Polyaniline using Conventional and Layered Synthesis Methods.
Wednesday, April 8 Kayleigh Punch, Catalytic Antibody Opening of the Mero-Chain Cyclopropane Rings of Dicyclopropyl-Mycolic Acids and its Potential Application in Treating Active and Latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection.
Jamie Smith, Increasing Atmospheric Pressure Hinders Chicken Embryo Development.
Friday, April 10 Kelly Shepardson, Effect of siRNA Knockdown and over-expression of HuR on the pH-Responsive Increase of Glutaminase and PEPCK.
Wednesday, April 15 Tom Torres, Effects of Diet and Temperature on Metabolic Rates of Bullfrog Tadpoles (Rana catesbeiana).
Daisha King, The Surgical Treatment of Parkinson's Disease.
Friday, April 17 Claire Petersen, Efficacy of Spinal Manipulation Compared to Conventional Medical Treatments with Respect to the Treatment of Lower Back Pain.
Josh Sandoval, The Role of Olfaction in Mate Selection.
Wednesday, April 22 Hilary Lukas, An Observational Study of the Energy Use of a Small Organic Dairy Farm and a Large Conventional Dairy Farm.
Rachel Singley, Aphid aggregation assessment in Multicolored Asian LadyBeetles.
Friday, April 24 Jillian Kline Women and Mathematics.
Oren Robinson, Automatic Text Chat Translation with Human Pruning.
Wednesday, May 6 Michael Mierzejewski, Small Molecule Inhibitors of Cell-to-Cell Signaling as a Novel Antibacterial Strategem.
Fei Fei Chu, Exploring Brownian Motion.
Friday, May 8 Raquele J. Laury, Restoring Wild Type Function in Mutant p53 Through the Use of Small Molecules
Paulo de Sousa, Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Is Root Herbivory Overlooked by the Ecological Community?

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